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Company Profile

980170.gif (7996 bytes) In April 1989. PHOTRON SEMICONDUCTOR CORPORATION (PSC) was organized to design, develop and process advance discrete semiconductor in Taiwan.

The initial undertaking of the new company was the construction of a facility in the Hsin Chu Industrial Park (The Silicon valley of Taiwan) that, when completely facilitated with state-of-the-art equipment from Japan and the USA could process 12,000 4-inch wafers monthly.

A design and development team was recruited from among Taiwan-based engineers and this group produced their first device in October of 1990SCHOTTKY RECTIFIER WAFERSwhich proved to be an outstanding commercial successand which has now had products 25-85 volts PIVWe will concentrate on making products for Low VF and Low IR next stage.

Since this initial success, Photron has focused on multi-layer devicesDIAC, SCRand is either producing or about to announce complete families of devices in these product categoriesthe only such position of technological leadership.

By devoting the complete resources of the company to the development of products unique in Asia outside of Japan, Photron has taken its place as one of the premier discrete semiconductor device makers in the world.

The company has a steadfast policy devoted to the highest technical standards of the science, a rigorous devotion to consistent quality standards and a determination to provide support and guidance to its many customers throughout the world.

The staff at Photron performs in a superb combination of advanced equipment, scientific ambience and carefully controlled environments, which has enabled the company to both retain the core of its technical striving for technical excellence.

Photron had gotten ISO 9002 certified in June of 1998. And the company has never lost sight of its goal of providing these advance at lowest possible cost to its customers in order to be of ultimate value to them.

45.,Kuang-Fu S . Rd Hsin-Chu Industrial Park. Hu-Kou, Hsin-Chu, Taiwan, R.O.C.
TEL:886-3-5985889    FAX:886-3-5982700,5982557
Web-site:http://www.photron.com.tw      E-mail:photron@ms19.hinet.net
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